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The project „Island of Happiness in Europe“ was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme „Europe for Citizens“

Applicable to the Action 1, Measure 1.1 „Town Twinning Citizens' Meeting


Word document, 39 kB

Participation: The project involved  315 citizens, notably 200 participants from the city of  Komoča (Slovakia),  
35 participants from the city of Dunaszekcső (Hungary), 35 participants from the city of Călărași (Romania), 20 participants from the city Vukovar (Croatia) and 25 participants from the city of Veľké Kosihy.

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Komoča (Slovakia), from 13/9/2013 to 15/9/2013.

Short description: The international meeting was realized in the settlement of Komo
a between 13th and 15th September 2013, which welcomed its partners from Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Slovakia in the frame of the Europe for Citizens, Town-Twinning program. The event was born as the idea of former meetings, the primary objective of which was to create value in spirit and rejoice together at each other on a small island of the event „Island of Happiness in Europe”. Further main objectives of the meeting were as follows:

  • to deepen the work processes between the partners, which have been built for many years and which build the future in an international context,
  • to get to know the operation of each other's organizations, institutions, municipalities
  • to result stronger bond of friendship between the residents forming colourful generation layer

The event is expected its guests with a variety of entertainment (sports, cultural and gastronomic traditions) and more serious (workshops, lectures, campaigns) programs. On the whole it can be said, that the programs being strung along the following three priority axis, fully addressed the generations as follows:

  1. EU Year of Citizens 2013 - the campaign programs, initiated by the youth, related to the thematic years: the young people could express their messages towards Europe by creative works in the frame of the "Daily Life in Europe" and "Kids Smile Mission" campaign. The majority of the youth preferred the themes, cohesive family, love, holiday, as well as the rights to creative jobs. They expressed themselves and their will in their works and painted a well-functioning global picture of the family, themselves.
  2. The Active Ageing was propagated in the spirit of the EU Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity 2012. Sports programs (Zumba, Health Corner, crafts) were organized in the spirit of cooperation, solidarity between generations. The programs promoted the wide generation layer to get to know each other’s abilities, thoughts and opinions better, by which, they may become more conforming and receptive towards each other.
  3. In the frame of the European Year of EU Year of Volunteering 2011 the Croatian youth presented their volunteer activities in the debut evening. The theme of volunteering was also introduced in the frame of the church organizations, so discussions could be initiated in the subject with each other. Volunteering was manifested not only at program level, but in the work of those more than 40 activists, who also contributed to the organization of the program or its arrangement.

In greater detail about the program days:

13th September 2013

Friday was the starting day of arrival, accommodation, distribution of logistics tasks and presentation. The partners were arriving gradually from 12.00 am. Since the settlement does not have accommodation capacity for such a great company, the organizer could handle this insufficiency by the quarter operating in the neighboring settlements. It also provided the transport for the quests between the quarter and the program venues. The program was launched with the official evening event. After the congratulatory of the mayoress and the head of the applicant organization the organization and the municipality of Dunaszekcső introduced themselves. The debut performances were accompanied by cultural programs, in the frame of which, the local and partner groups introduced themselves. The musical and friends evening was closed by a musical program with the debut of the Slovak Cédrus Band.

14th September 2013

Saturday was an outstanding day of the meeting. Despite the bad weather, the program took place in a row in the local House of Cultural. The morning programs made the colorful range of age classes of the generations moved in the "Europe on the Move!" program block. Arcade games, puppet performances, creative workshops took place and the children’s exhibition in the frame of the "Daily Life in Europe". The Europe Tent awaited the inquirers with many services: information about the EVS program and answers to questions relating to the European Union. In the frame of the "Kids Smile Mission" program the young and seniors age group joined the joint t-shirt and gravel paintings. During the creation, they expressed their thoughts regarding to the application “Island of Happiness in Europe”. In the late afternoon hours, ThDr. Szénási Szilárd pastor of Martos, held a lecture with the title “The predominance and rights of the next generation in Europe”. The participants could join the dialogue with their thoughts. After dinner the Kis-Duna-Menti Rock Theatre entertained the guests.

15th September 2013

The more formal programs of the meeting took place on Sunday. The morning worship was followed by the Sunday lunch, joined by the evaluations and the acknowledgments. The celebration continued in the afternoon by the Slovak application partner, the Ecclesia and Veľke Kosihy Reformed congregation in the frame of a Service and cultural program, as well as a farewell reception in the settlement of Veľke Kosihy. Guests then departed back to their own countries.



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